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EVEREST Home Edition is a free system diagnosing and benchmarking tool that extracts all the useful information from the user’s computer and presents them in a way easy to understand. It offers a clear interface which is very easy to use and understand. There are several features of this application which makes a mark in the community of benchmarking tools for windows.


EVEREST Home Edition is system utility to gather important hardware information of the users system onto which it is installed. It also has benchmarking tool which lets its users compare several system configuration. Using this application is very easy, with no installation procedure require. Simply place the executable file anywhere on the hard drive and it will automatically start-up and extract information. Although it might take some time to get it process the necessary information. Talking about the interface, it is uniformly distributed and well organised to let users easily understand the major functions of the application. Information is categorized and grouped in categories such as motherboard, network, display, multimedia, direct, etc. Any specific category will display specific hardware resource information like type, technology used, manufacturer along with port and connection used.

There is a benchmark tool included in the package. Benchmarking tools are used to take readings and test of memory reading, writing and several other capabilities, this helps users to understand make comparison between the devices and systems. EVEREST Home Edition can be customized, such as changing user interface, language and so on to make it look livelier. EVEREST Home Edition runs quietly in along with other background running apps, however it takes very less system resources and do not degrade the system performance.


EVEREST Home Edition is an application that allows its users to gather their system information, it also helps them to benchmark the process and make necessary deductions of their systems. There are several other applications that were developed for the same cause such as HWiNFO3264, CPU-Z, etc., although there is a bit of distinction between all of those applications with respect to their specific features. The main objective remains the same, which is to gather the system information. EVEREST Home Edition along with diagnosing ability also has benchmarking tool that comes handy when two different systems are to be compared on the basis of the configuration they exhibit. Using it, system can be configured into specific modes such as gaming, word processor, etc to have a more realistic comparison.


A system diagnosing and benchmarking application allows its users to easily gather all the system information. When compared to other apps in the same community, it is found to be lagging than other apps as it is a single featured app whereas there are apps which can do a lot more than just displaying information. Also developers had stop making updates for it; on the contrary the app has been officially shut down by the developers.


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