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You usually deal with a lot of sub-users when you are the administrator of your Workstation. EventLog Inspector is a useful free software application which helps you to maintain log files and store them for any future reference. This version of software is available for specified versions of Windows Operating system namely, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows 2008 and Windows 7 and Windows 8 (both 32 and 64 bit).


EventLog Inspector has a simple user interface thereby, making it very easy to use. This is a security related software application that lets you control all the logs on your computer in a better and efficient manner. All logs are stored and can be retrieved on a daily basis which can further be converted to a single sysfile. You could also move this file by mailing to any email address of your choice as well. EventLog Inspector lets you have a complete overview of all the changes made on your computer.

As an administrator, this software application comes in extremely handy as it provides a log of all the events in a single file. There also exists an option where you can send all event logs or reports related to networks connected to your workstation to your email id. Eventlog Inspector is useful only for system administrators, and has no specific use in case of all the normal users of a computer.


EventLog Inspector faces competition from other similar software applications that perform almost the same task. Such software tools include Windows Event Viewer Plus, Sentinel Agent, Event Viewer and My Event Viewer. Windows Event viewer, Event viewer and My Event Viewer work the same way as Event Log Inspector. Sentinel Agent is a Microsoft approved cloud-based application which lets you monitor all the events happening on your administrator system. It restricts access to the admin of the computer network and does not open the application to the other users of the network.


This is a very easy to use software application which is advantageous to all administrators who have to keep daily logs on each and every change that is made to the computers related to a network. This is also useful to personal computing systems where access to this application is restricted to a point strictly. EventLog Inspector occupies very less space on your disk drive and does not influence your processing speed also. There have been no reports of computers suddenly breaking down when the application was in use.


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