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The Windows operating system from Microsoft is the most widely used and supported OS platform for PC users. However, being largest is not always the best, as it gives your enemy a larger base to target. Owing to this, there exists millions to utilities, which can spy, steal and compromise systems. This makes the job of system administrators a hard one, which is already not simple. In business and office environments where there are multiple users working with confidential data, such leakage can lead to lots of troubles. In order to avoid, it is important to monitor such systems closely. The Windows OS generated event logs for various programs and can be viewed from the system utilities. However, scathing through all the information can be a tough task and this is where Event Log Explorer can greatly help system admins.


Similar to Windows Log Viewer, Event Log Explorer lets one-access Windows event logs and System logs for both local and remote servers. In addition, all the event logs can be viewed simultaneously with tabbed views for each. The event log file support includes EVT (older format) as well as new Crimson (EVTX) formats. Event Log Viewer can store the logs in memory to fasten up performance but can revert back to disk storage in case required. The software can run in background and monitor events in real-time as they are generated. Multiple events from multiple sources can be consolidated in one view and saved as a single file. The filtering mechanisms include filter by date, occurrence, and type and description test. The event logs are automatically backed up along with provision for manual backup if necessary.

The software supports Microsoft Knowledge Base and EventID.net. Exporting mechanisms include HTML files, Excel sheets and tab separated text files. There is analytics support with pivot tables and chart generation as required. In networked environment the software can import logs from different servers as well. Built in Credential Manager helps access to only personnel who are authorized to do so. The UI involves standard menu based system with tabbed panes and column wise sortable data and is easy to navigate around.


For Windows there are a few alternatives to Event Log Explorer. Windows Event Viewer Plus is a freeware with support for event log viewing and managing them but lacks the versatility of Event Log Explorer. Event Viewer is another professional software providing identical facilities but does not have the required analytics support provided by Event Log Explorer. Some other similar software would include SentinelAgent, which is cloud based monitoring system for Azure systems.


Event Log Explorer is a professional and complete package with analytics support. It has a easy navigable interface with export to various format support. Further, it can read both EVT and EVTX files along with providing real-time information about events.


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