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Your registry is the place where all of your software info is stored and your PC collects that information to run your computer smoothly. When something wrong happens in your registry, it’s possible that your PC might start behaving weirdly. Plus, the registry keys also ensure whether your PC is running with all of its resources. Most of the potential threats aim to attack the registry settings as they carry most of the info and they can easily be altered. Eusing Free Registry Cleaner is a top-class free registry clean which identifies and cleans potential threats from your registry.


Eusing Free Registry Cleaner is a feature-enriched free program. It supports a wide range of languages. But, one of its flaws might include its mediocre user interface which isn’t quite remarkable for most of the users.

–         Safe & Free Maintenance

Your PC requires maintenance over the course of time. Ever felt why your PC is running so slow after a year or two? It’s because the windows is all the obsolete files and it’s getting in the way of running the computer swiftly. This free program comes with a basic free scanner that identifies all kinds of obsolete registry keys with its easy to use tool and it maintains the registry over the course of time so that your PC remains working using its full resources.

–         Scans for Obsolete Registry Keys

Obsolete registry keys are the one that are responsible for various errors conducted by distinctive programs. Those registry keys don’t work well and they need to be fixed to be working at their previous state. This program identifies those obsolete registry keys and updates them to get them fixed.

–         Removes Invalid Registry Settings

Many registry keys becomes erroneous because many malicious programs can alter the values of registry keys and the leftovers of uninstalled programs also get in the way of running your PC trouble-free. Eusing Free Registry cleaner removes those unwanted registry keys so that they don’t take up your PC’s resources for nothing.

–         Keeps backup & Restores them if Necessary

It’s possible for you to remove important registry settings and they can make your PC go rogue. This program keeps backup of its scanned registries and if you do anything wrong, it can still restore the registry to go to the previous state.


CCleaner and Wise Registry Cleaner are pretty famous but CCleaner can mess up the system files and it doesn’t keep backup. Wise Registry Cleaner requires rebooting every time it starts to scan. Eusing works well and can tweak your PC for greater performance but it doesn’t have a great UI.


Eusing Free Registry Cleaner is an effective registry repairing tool and it’s totally free to use.


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