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Essential NetTools is an easy to use and collection of power-packed network scanning, security and administrator tools. This software can be used to monitor the network connections which are connected to the computer.


This program comes with a different set of tools which can be easily accessed from the sidebar. The set of tools included in this software are NetStat, ProcMon, Ping, TraceRoute, PortScan, HostAlive, NSLookup, EmailVerify, NBScan, IPBlackList, RawSocket, Shares, SNMPAudit, NetAudit, and SysFiles. NetStat includes all the inbound and outbound network connections of the user’s computer. This shows the IP addresses, and connection states, etc. This application allows the user to set alerts for the incoming and outgoing connections. ProcMon is similar to the Windows Task Manager which displays the list of running/active processes along with its name, program ID, path location of the executable file and modules. In addition to this, it also displays a graph which shows the top CPU processes. With this tool, the user can kill the running processes, find the hidden processes and manage the PC memory usage efficiently.

With Ping and TraceRoute tools, the users can ping any website or IP address and also check the internet connection and troubleshoot the problems if there are any. PortScan can be used to scan for the active ports in for the given IP address. The scan can be carried out in a conventional or stealth mode. EmailVerify tool allows the users to check if the provided email address is valid by contacting the mail server and provides the result. In order to improve the parental controls and network administration, the administrators can blacklist the IP addresses of particular sites.

WiFiMan tool displays the network adapter, list of available WiFi networks and the WiFi network to which the particular computer is connected. All the details about the connected WiFi network are displayed except the pre-shared key. Essential NetTools includes other tools such as NetAudit which can scan the network for security flaws, RawSocket that allows the user to establish low-level TCP and UDP connections. This program also includes a tool called SysFiles which can be used to edit hosts, protocol and service files. With NSLookup, the user can convert the IP addresses to hostnames and vice versa. The CNAME and MX records can also be viewed with this tool. Thus, Essential NetTools is a complete network solution program.


Some alternatives of Essential NetTools are Network Vulnerability Scanner by GFI LanGuard and Security Manager Plus. This software can be used to manage and diagnose network connections but, as compared to Essential NetTools they don’t include other power tools which can increase the productivity and save the time of administrators.


If you are a network administrator, Essential NetTools must be your comprehensive solution to monitor and maintain the networks and keep them secure.


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