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It does not matter how much we evolve, or how much we learn things, there’s always a scope to learn more and gather new information. In the era of modern technologies, it has become important to safely keep information intact, with perfect synchronization and proper management. eSobi is such a tool, for information management with primarily 4 modules namely Internet Search, Information Library, Multimedia Podcast and News Reader.


Not because eSobi contains 4 in 1 functionalities, eSobi is truly a performer in terms of management. It has been known for long periods that New Readers usually just gather news, though the expectation is more than just gathering or receiving news. eSobi typically enables user to customize their search and further organize them according to the needs and relevance to the user, or which the user may be very interested in. in simpler words, eSobi can be successful in staying up to date with the latest RSS feeds and podcasts. The software isn’t a convergence of different particular modules. For instance, this software combines the technology of RSS to provide an enhanced search and better gathering of information. Apart from this, a Meta search engine along with information library is present. Information library is an important attribute of eSobi which is responsible for saving the articles in an orderly manner, setting up a well-defined database and references, which are almost impossible to find with the help of an ordinary search. The user interface of the software is quite user friendly with options of News, Podcasts, Search and Library in a tabular form. The setup is well defined and not much of a knowledge is required to go through it, which also allows user to define the size of the library the user may need.


The comparison for eSobi is quite difficult and of less importance since the software is unique in its approach and the results it can produce. Being capable of gathering news feeds, podcasts, searching efficiently through the database with enhanced search options and library management for news and articles that the user may like by storing them is peculiar for eSobi and thus calls for no comparison on a large scale. There have been some attempts for the similar approach, but most have failed drastically.


To conclude with eSobi, it is quite relevant to say that occupying a little disk space for this software is one the greatest deals for a regular user who likes to gather news and information of all stuff and keep to intact and together. The utterly user friendly interface along with quality of performance makes eSobi an ultimate computer information management tool.


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