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The Windows operating system is the most widely used OS and which also gives wide software support. However, such large user base implies more malwares, spywares, registry hacking software, etc. Over time, these software create unnecessary clutter and slow down the system. Not to mention, rogue un-optimized software that can compromise system performance and hang up the whole OS or worse, erase data and damage the OS beyond repair. Keeping track of such software can become a nightmare for users and hinder productivity. ESET SysInspector is software that can help you get rid of such PC problems and improve your system performance and your productivity in return.


ESET SysInspector in brief is a diagnostic tool much like Windows Task Manager but with more functionality built-in. The tool is capable of performing deep system analysis for problems, resource conflicts, driver problems and other related problems. The report generation can be configured to not to reveal personal and private information. Anti-Stealth technology is a feature that lets anyone discover hidden objects in MBR, registry, services and processes. Logs generated can be compared with past and thus can be traced to any system change. Further, they are color coded to denote the level of severity of the problem. The software does not require any installation procedure per se and is portable – one single .EXE file which can be carried in a USB. The software can be run from command line as well and accepts parameters from it to perform certain operations. The problems that it can analyze are numerous i.e. broken registry entries, presence of suspicious entities, H/W incompatibility, driver failure or outdated drivers, running processes and services and suspicious network connections. The UI features two horizontally stacked panel with view of various processes and services and can be explored from the left pane.


The Windows ecosystem has plenty of software that performs identical functionality but are often disparate. Autoruns is a software that can scan and check what actions Windows performs after detecting H/W and opening S/W files. HijackThis is a software that performs in-depth analysis of a system to find any vulnerabilities and unwanted programs. RunScanner is another such freeware that has lots of features with scanning to vulnerability detection.


ESET SysInspector is an excellent diagnostic tool for PC users and IT experts alike running Windows PC. It creates useful logs of system activities and helps in detecting source of numerous problems. However, note that the tool is not a software that will fix your problems or purge your PC free from malwares. Instead, it will bring to your notice any anomalies and generate system reports.


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