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eScan Internet Security Suite is security software designed for the protection of small office and home users. It comes fitted with comprehensive content and anti-virus security solution, protecting computers from security threats and objectionable content like phishing web sites, spam, hackers, botnets, rootkits, keyloggers, adware, spyware and viruses. The software scans for malware and viruses in files and reports back, creates a backup of the file before disinfection takes place, carries out disinfection by deleting or quarantining the objects (all actions are based on your personal preference). It also helps in reducing attacks by denying access of all executable files found on your USB drives or network as well as protecting the files on your system from deletion or modification.


eScan Internet Security Suite comes with a host of features including a trendy and easy to use graphical interface, offers comprehensive protection against any network based attacks and does all these actions without compromising on your computer system’s speed. The asset management tool provides vital information to administrators on the software and hardware deployed, real time scans are carried out on e-mail attachments, e-mails and files to ensure that your system is safe from infection all through. Other attacks prevented by eScan Internet Security include virus infection and data theft via fire-based and USB devices. With this software, you can safely lock up your files and folders that you consider confidential and critical as well as block any notifications or alerts while you are playing your favorite games. Another interesting feature is the laptop mode, which prevents any memory intensive processes from running, enhancing battery time on your laptop. Other features include free 24 hours, 7 days a week technical support via telephone (during business hours), forums, live chat and e-mail.


eScan Internet Security Suite is best compared to other software security products like Kaspersky Internet Security and Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus. While both eScan and Kaspersky run on Windows platforms, Webroot runs on Mac as well as mobile. Compared to Kaspersky, eScan has a more user friendly interface and allows for personalized anti-virus scans. All three security software options have updates available with identity protection available on eScan and Kaspersky.


The user friendly interface on eScan Internet Security Suite has few options on a menu that closely resembles Mac OS X Dock. The options available are Privacy Control, Endpoint Security, Firewall, Web Protection, Anti-Spam, Mail Anti-Virus and File Anti-Virus. Bottom line is that this software is a great protection tool that offers protection from unwanted attacks.


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