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Even though the market has more sophisticated TCP/IP and software defined networking patterns, Telnet and SSH are an important and ubiquitous part of networking protocols. Erics TelNet98 is a feature rich and flexible SHH/Telnet client and is built for professionals.


Erics TelNet98 features a bare bone interface with traditional menu and buttons. The main screen houses the terminal screen and the settings panel lets the user customize the software with hot keys, appearance, printer support, login credentials and session management. The terminals are tabbed in case of multiple terminal connections. The support has full support for SSH and Telnet and also supports IPv4 and IPv6 along with support for ANSI colors. The terminal emulation is achieved through Windows sockets and is ANSI and SCO-ANSI compatible along with a sufficiently large scroll back buffer. There is built-in file transfer support with line printer emulation. Telnet file objects are also supported with shell extensions. Session logging support includes automatic logins and connections and direct connect mode. Command support includes answer back function, full ANSI command reference, user-defined screen resolution and key codes and custom terminfo and termcap drivers.

Additionally, Local environment transfer is also supported along with policy editor. The software comes bundled with application programming interface to be used in other programs. TelNet98 client is compatible with almost all popular Server OS such as Linux, AIX, SOLARIS, FreeBSD, HP-UX, SCO UNIX, SNI and SuSE mail servers. TelNet98 is available in many languages such as Brazilian, French, Portuguese, Czech, German, Russian, Danish, Hungarian, Slovenian, Dutch, English, Norwegian, Italian, Spanish, Finnish, Swedish, and Polish. The software is currently available for all major versions of Windows including XP, Vista, 7 and 8.


Telnet access can be done by enabling it from Control Panel and then using command line in Windows but it is extremely limited. There are no provisions for custom key codes, SSH, command reference, line printer emulation, policy editor and local environment transfer. Thus Erics TelNet98 is sufficiently powerful and provides plenty of advantages over command line. Apart from these software like PuTTY supports the SSH/Telnet paradigm with apparently more features and is completely free as well. KiTTY is almost an identical offering and is free as well. However, both of the previous software use command line and do not offer features like custom key codes or ANSI colors. MobaXTerm is yet another alternative which is more comparable to TelNet98 which is an enhanced terminal for Windows with XTerm support and X11 display server and supports SSH and Telnet as well.


Erics Telnet98 is a flexible and rich offering that should go well with professionals. There is full ANSI color and command support with complete settings panel. Custom key codes, hot keys and answer back functions make life easier for network admins and custom session handling saves time too. Local environment transfer and policy editor are great tools to have for power users.


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