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EnhanceMySe7en, popularly called as Enhanso by its manufacturers, is a software that is developed by Seriousbit. Enhanso is a freeware software developed as a tweaking and maintenance for windows. This software can be used on Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1.


In this growing age of Information technology, the giants in the tertiary sector are coming up with new softwares to match up the expectations of 6 billion people of the world. Microsoft had launched the Windows 8 as a better version of Windows 7 to provide people with the speed and multiple-working tabs to work on. Windows 8.1 is relatively fast and has surely replaced itself in a role that was previously reserved for WindowsXP, but as they say that every good thing has certain imperfections; same is the case with Windows 8.1. But, to make it even faster and easier to use, seriousbit has come with its new software called EnhanceMySe7en or Enhanso. EnhanceMySe7en helps to maintain your windows in a proper flawless condition with its tweaks and tools. This software contains a disk cleaner which automatically find and delete the unwanted files and folders from the system which mainly serve as a burden on the system and make the system compromise with its speed. It has a Defragmenter to reduce the amount of fragmentation in the file systems and registry. System info and System tools provide you with the detailed information about all the features of the system, and also utilization of never-heard system tools. Currently, every system needs to be updated with new possible settings every time they are launched and System tweaks in EnhanceMySe7en serve this purpose.


As it is a freeware, it is devoid of certain tweaks and tools that are only available in the Pro version. Free version contains the tools for system info and system tools, but it does not contain Defragmenter, Performance and Network tweaks, file network and security tools and start-up editor. However, free version too contains some important tweaks and tools, making your windows full intact and non-vulnerable to malfunction and slowdowns.


EnhanceMySe7en is a coming-off tool to increase the speed and efficiency of your windows and provides with a better working experience of using windows. It is irritating when windows gets shut on a regular basis due to slowdowns, and malfunction, but this tool takes a good care of the windows and keep aside all the malfunctions and slowdowns. If you wish to use your windows for working, this is the first tool you should look for to increase the productivity.


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