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Microsoft’s SQL Server is a ubiquitous database server software for Windows domains and provides all the bell and whistles. Manual management of every aspect of it can be daunting especially so for SME without experienced database administrators. EMS SQL Manager for SQL Server is a complete solution to SQL server administration and database design.


EMS SQL Manager features a very traditional run-of-the-mill user interface with familiar patterns and as the norm is for enterprise grade offerings without any fancy animations. The software primarily aims to automate database creation, design, maintain and access for users. Database navigation and management features include multiple connections, DB and server properties management, source control, user-defined tabs and favorites, grouping and un-grouping of databases, and simultaneous multiple database handling. Backup features support MS Azure services and backup encryption along with snapshots. Database objects can be tracked and debugged with debugger to trace procedures, functions and SQL scripts including partition function management and full-text catalog, indices, keys, and certificates. Data oriented tools have a visual presentation emphasis with visual query builder, code completion and syntax highlighting, formatter, advanced printing with UNICODE, master-detail view, and card based layouts. The visual designer also creates navigation diagrams, reverse engineering of existing databases, two diagram notation, annotation and printing. Data can be exported/imported in various formats such as XML, CSV, MS Excel, MS Access, ODF, TXT, DBF, etc with bulk insertion wizard. Task scheduler also exists to run tasks based on timer or events including full task execution logs and custom notifications. Report generation is aided by full HTML support. The software is currently offered in English, German, French, Russian and Portuguese.


MS SQL Server does come with a default manager called SQL Management Studio, a GUI software, but it does not provide the required features such as large data export/import format support or visual customization. Further, there is no visual designer like EMS SQL Manager that can aid in database creation or query formations. These make EMS SQL Manager a more substantial offering than the default installation. dbForge is a similar offering which claims to augment the default Management studio with auto-completion and SQL formatting but does not provide the rich visual designer not the integrated database backup engine with Azure support. RazorSQL is a cross-platform and cross-database management tool which supports up to 29 databases and is more versatile but sans SQL Server specific optimization like EMS SQL Manager. Aqua Data Studio is similarly geared towards SQL developers and scripts and is basically a glorified IDE for SQL and does not provide any additional benefits.


EMS SQL Manager for SQL Server is exactly what it claims to be – a complete database management tool. The emphasis is on visual approach to database design and query building which eases the workflow. Apart from this, it is packed to the brim with features and has plenty to offer to any professional.


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