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EMCO Unlock IT enables users to unlock files and folders that have been locked by the computer’s system processes or other applications. It helps in dealing with situations where users get accesses denied errors.


EMCO Unlock IT is a high utility tool for unlocking files and folders that are locked and cannot be modified or deleted. Users can use this application to deal with situations where they get the access denied errors while deleting files and folders that are locked by the system resources or other programs.

The application is easy to install and simple to use. Even new users can easily operate the program. EMCO Unlock IT has an attractive interface with different skin options and colour schemes. The interface has two tabs. These tabs are applications and actions. The applications tab displays all the running applications, their path, specific locations, process name, ID, executable path, description and the processes locking the files. Users can right click on the application and can choose to close handles or kill processes. The application allows action on either single process or multiple processes and can be used to kill or unlock resources. The software is bundled with a help file that helps in easy understanding of the functioning of the application.

EMCO Unlock IT helps in releasing system resources by freeing them from unwanted files that are locked by the system resources. This improves the processing capacity of the system. The application integrates into the Windows Explorer and hence can be launched from the context menu. The application supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Server 2008, Windows Vista, Windows 2003, Windows XP and Windows 2000.


IObit Unlocker is an application similar to EMCO Unlock IT. The application helps in deleting files that are locked and therefore cannot be otherwise deleted. Files with problems such as access denied and cannot delete error messages can be unlocked by this program. The software offers helpful post unlocking options. The software is light on system resources and does not affect the performance of the system.


EMCO Unlock IT is a great tool for managing files that are locked by the system. It allows easy management of such files by enabling the users to unlock them. The application is easy to use and help in improving the system performance by unlocking and closing the files that are not required.


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