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We often are interested to know more about the gadgets we use but we don’t know the required techniques to do such. This can be achieved by using various techniques and tools. These things can be achieved using EMCO Ping Monitor. EMCO Ping Monitor helps to know or pings upon certain completion of action. In the rare case of the devices upon network stopping to work, we can certainly set a ping monitor so that it notifies the device and the problem area.


EMCO Ping Monitor is a cost-efficient tool to let the users know about the problems in a network. This application can send and receive messages 24×7, i.e., it will not stop until stopped by the administrator themselves. Many devices can be monitored at the same time. Earlier, the tools which existed hadn’t had this feature, and had only single screen pings which could only monitor a single device. But this tool is different in the same aspect. Schedulers can be set which will monitor the devices on the network at the scheduled time. The scheduler can be set for minutes, days, and even months. So, the Ping Monitor will return status of the devices accordingly.

This software is user-friendly, and has two modes to operate with. If you have some prior knowledge, users could opt for some advanced options like ping interval or time to live. If the user is a naïve user, then they can opt for the standard mode of operation. Ping Monitor can be used to set alerts to the devices so that nothing goes wrong. E-mail alerts too can be set for the same cause. With the devices on the network, users can keep a track of the devices and the information can be thus retrieved in this way. Despite all these advantage, there are some flaws associated with it. The systems which have ‘Net Framework 4.0’ or above only, can install this software. Also, it has an option to monitor only 5 hosts at a time. However, if the ping response option is disabled, then this software is of no use and will not ping the errors.


As compared with some of the existing softwares, it has a simple yet user-friendly interface.


The tool is a must if you want to monitor the readiness of the applications you use. Also, it is very much helpful in retrieving information of the devices on the network.


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