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Remote troubleshooting and administration often requires complete information of clients including software installations available. Such information is difficult to obtain by using basic tools like whois, nmap, etc. EMCO Network Software Scanner is a utility to perform software auditing on a Windows domain in local networks.


EMCO Network Software Scanner features a modern Office style ribbon based interface and is rich in content and options. Results are stacked neatly in lists which are grouped into tabs in the right hand side and the left pane stores the various tree structures such as machine tree, network and groupings. The bottom has an expandable bar showing logs and task management information. The scanning is independent of client software installation and is dependency free. WMI is not used and hence scan can be carried out even if WMI is disabled. It extracts software installation information details like application name, version, vendor, size, installation date and other related fields. Apart from these, it also collects information regarding all software updates installed with installation dates and history and provides with a link depicting applied changes. Results from successive scans can be compared to check for remote location software installation change. The collected information can be exported as CSV format with ability to set custom delimiters and encodings. However, in order to complete the scan, administrative information like user accounts needs to be provided for the remote Windows installations. The supported platforms include Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 8.1 with both 32 and 64 bit versions and also for Windows Server 2003, 2008 and 2012.


When it comes to software scanning, most alternatives use WMI to gather information and hence have a huge deficiency that they will stop working if WMI is disabled. This is the biggest advantage of EMCO Network Software Scanner. SoftPerfect Network Scanner is an IP/WMI/SNMP scanner that is multi-purpose and multi-threaded for faster scans but relies on WMI to extract information about software installations. Similarly WMI Scan is a utility to extract software information over a Windows domain but again is limited due to aforementioned dependency. EMCO’s offering thus has a unique position and is more advantageous.


EMCO Network Software Scanner is a great tool to query about remote software installations over a Windows domain. Reporting is very rich with complete information on software installations, size, vendor and version numbers along with update installations, history and applied changes links. The options to create and export custom CSV reports also imply that the results can be used with other software as well. The independence from WMI is a great boon as it will work even if remote location has disabled WMI due to some reason. Successive scans can further monitor installation changes and this makes it a great monitoring and administration tool.


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