EMCO Network Malware Cleaner

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EMCO Malware Cleaner is a type of antivirus that scans and detects any malware and viruses on computers on the network. It detects all forms of threats that may affect the computer.


The interface is simple and intuitive. The user can scan different computers from one domain. It performs an automatic network scan as well as import and export host. The user can view the domain or machine status of each computer and save the log file in form of different formats for example PDF, PPT, DOC and TXT among many others. EMCO Malware Cleaner uses minimal CPU resources meaning it does not slow down the computer. Apart from that it is finishes the job really fast depending on the amount of files that have to be scanned. It has a large malware database that includes all known types of viruses and malware. The user can add his or her signatures to the database. It has a continuous and frequent threat signature threat update.


Its speed and ability to scan multiple computers simultaneously is what mainly makes this software appear different from the rest of its kind. Its ability to also save the scan process in different log formats is also a rare feature to find among similar software. Finally there are not many software in the same field that gives the user to add his signatures to the database but with EMCO Malware Cleaner this has been made possible.


EMCO Malware Cleaner is affordable when compared to the amount of services that it offers and a trial version is available for any users that are interested in testing the software.


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