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EMCO MoveOnBoot is a utility tool that allows deletion, moving and renaming locked files and folders. The desired action is executed and takes effect when the system is booted the next time. The application helps users to manage locked files.


EMCO MoveOnBoot is an easy to use application that allows modification to locked files or folders. Files that are locked by the system and therefore cannot be normally renamed, moved or deleted can be effectively managed by this software.

Users can easily delete, modify and rename locked files and the effect takes place when the system is booted the next time. A file which is locked by the system or any other application can be managed easily. The application does not make any changes to the system resources. The files are managed by using the Windows mechanism. Once an action is executed on a file, the modification is done when the system is booted the next time but before running the application. The installation process is simple and the interface is easy to operate. Due to its simple interface, even new users can easily use the application.

The files can be dragged to the interface and a prompt dialogue box is displayed by the program. Different radio buttons are displayed for performing different functions. Additionally, the application also allows modification to multiple files. This can be done by calling up a drag and drop window and all the files which are to be modified can be dragged on the interface of that window.

The application is light on resources and requires low processing power and memory. EMCO MoveOnBoot can be used to update system files, uninstall applications that are locked by the system and are not getting uninstalled or deleted and clean up the system memory from viruses. The application is compatible with Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


Unlocker is an application similar to EMCO MoveOnBoot. The program enables unlocking the files that have been locked by either the system or other applications. After installation, the application gets added to the     context menu. The program can be launched by the right click option. A user may choose to either unlock the files or kill the locking process.


EMCO MoveOnBoot is a high utility program that allows unlocking, deletion, renaming and moving the files and folders that are locked by other applications or the system. With this application, users can delete unwanted files and folders that don’t get deleted otherwise. This helps in reducing the number of files that can hamper the system performance.


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