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Strong passwords are meant to give relief over security concerns. A strong password generally requires a minimum of eight characters, which will be a complex combination of alphabet, numerical and special character and also includes upper and lower case letters. But it is even more complex to memorize ten to twelve passwords for each different gateway, unless someone is writing down every log in information in a secured digital environment like Efficient Password manager. This little but compact software is so efficient to store every log in information in a secured and encrypted manner, so that no one can access the list without proper permission. The app needs a master password to open up and to give access to the user. This tool memorizes every password efficiently and the user can store information about credit card, social security, bank account details and also log in informations for every other site.


The program interface is very simplistic and informative about all functions. The icons are large sized, which makes this tool useable for beginners also. One of the striking features of this software is not only it stores generic passwords, but also it memorizes e-mail account passwords, account details, software registration codes, all these making the software an all-in-one security package. One master password is needed to access the entire list of keynotes consisting of passwords and log in details. The software consists of mainly two areas. One of them deals with inputted generic passwords, bank passwords, credit card details, while in the other section the user can store log in details attached with a URL. This tool does not log in the user automatically, but it allows the user to copy the informations and to paste to the website’s sign in clipboard. An advanced password generator is integrated with this software, which allows the user to create strong passwords.


Efficient Password Manager has several efficient competitors line QuickNet, BlackBox Password Manager, WebPassBooster, 4UOnly, StickyPassword, etc. In comparison with this tool, other efficient tools with same function comes with little charge or even free of cost. This tool offers much option for securing passwords than other tools available and the encryption mode is also safer than its contenders. Several other programs do not support Windows 8, whereas Efficient Password Manager swiftly runs on the Windows 8 OS platform.


Efficient Password Manager is a nice and handy tool for both beginners and professional, who are very much concerned about the safety of important details. The intuitive user interface, proper help files and tutorials make the use easier for first time users. To give a verdict, Efficient Password manager is a good choice for this purpose.


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