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EditPlus is a spec rich editing option. This is like a revamped tool for editing works for the coders while dealing with the projects. In comparison with the notepad, this is too efficient for the normal users as well.


  • Rich Interface and Navigation

The EditPlus involves one of the best interfaces. However, it is too sleek at the same time for easy usage. In fact, the system rich structure has been designed for better dealing with the specs. You can find the browser on the main menu that helps in easy navigation through the text data, and its display. The best part of the process is that you can get updated with the status while working.
It is too obvious for the EditPlus to include all the conventional editing options. In addition, you can find the URL prominence feature, text enhancement, correction tools, and many others with it.  The usage is too easy and sleek to be handled nicely by the entry level as well as experts.

  • Efficient and flexible usability¬†

It packs spontaneous completion process, creating compress files, sleek monitoring, and various others. Primarily the focus remains on making the process to automate for the users. It is naturally a great tool for the text and basic coding works. However, it works fine with the other coding platforms like Java, Python, PHP, and many others. It popup the probable suggestions while working. You can get the glimpse of current work status as a preview at the time you do the modification works. The distinguishing fact is that it works well for all coding languages.

  • Distinguishing Specs

The tool does have a built-in 64 bit for better efficiency. EditPlus is a valuable tool for saving your time by making the overall process concise. You can have the complete picture of the tracks even in the working mode. It supports the maximum range of the formats in comparison with the contemporaries. It facilitates the most flawless and efficient ways of FTP loading. In short, if you are too obsessed with conventional coding tools, or even with Notepads, this is a fine suggestion to try.

  • Best for Novice Users

EditPlus is having enough for a first time user. This is a very good option with the best ways to display the specs and easy navigation process. Also, the tool comes with enough assisting set-up for better usage of the users.


EditPlus is a much better product if you look at similar options like Coda, PsPad, and others. Though it is not for the typical Notepad related works, still this can be a much enhanced stuff for both entry level and expert coders.


EditPlus is a feature rich tool that packs the ultimate ways of editing the codes or texts. It is user-friendly, efficient, and smooth at the same time. The tool is best for both novice and expert users.


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