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Arbitrary text files or as we classify them as “notes” are integral part of our day-to-day life, making things to remember, way more easier. EditPad Lite comes in as a fresh breeze of air for your computer, replacing the age old notepad, for these very uses.


EditPad Lite is a freeware text editing application which can be considered as Notepad on steroids. With features such as opening and working in tabs, no limitation on the upper cap when it comes to the size of a file, conversion of files and it’s compatibility with other operating systems such as Mac & UNIX. If you are one of those who can’t make up their mind in an instant, EditePad Lite’s Undo and Redo options can be hit unlimited number of times, thus making it easier to err, and be forgiven.

The installer of this tool offers three options, viz. Standard, Portable and Advanced Installation, for opting for the appropriate type of setup. The “Advanced Installation” allows you to customize the selection of directories & offers you to make EditPad Lite the default application for handling simple text files, thereby replacing NotePad. In case you change your mind about which directory the software should reside in, you can modify it in EditPad Lite’s “Configure File Types” option in the “Options” menu.

A key feature of EditPad Lite is the “Block” option. It lets you indent, outdent, embed files, modify text, save, and print only the selected area, i.e. the block. The Convert tool available on the interface facilitates conversion of the text into Upper Lower and Invert cases. You can also convert ANSI to ASCII and vice versa, apart from other Unix and Mac friendly formats. The toolbar of EasyPad Lite has a rich interface, as it is embedded with icons, offering one or the other options, such as word wrap, option for fonts, setting the indentation to automatic, and others.


The competitors of EasyPad Lite are the two most popular applications, Notepad, and Notepad++. The former is the default text processing app that comes bundled with Windows Operating System, and thus has an advantage to its end, of being a native app. However apart from this, the app doesn’t have a rich interface, nor does it offer many services out of the box.

Notepad++ is more of a programming tool, which supports the syntax of almost all the programming languages. Hence, EditPad Lite, being a powerful word processor, has an extra edge over others.


This application is highly recommended as a replacement for the decades old NotePad, giving you a fresh look at simple text processing.


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