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Writing codes can never be messier if you don’t use a great text editor that recognizes different syntax and supports many scripts. Very few source code editors have the amazing features that can attract the web developers and programmers that can save a lot of time by providing the best tools for writing codes and EditBone is the new platform that aces this small list.


EditBone is just like any Text editing tool and has its features pretty similar to Text Editor like NotePad. But, it’s equipped with amazing features that helped this program to evolve and stand out of the common softwares. It’s really amazing what you can get from such small software without spending a penny. Here are its features.

–       Simple User Interface

Complex workaround procedures always repulse the programmers to use the program. Therefore, EditBone has a hefty and neat interface to deal with the users. No matter if you’re a new or old-geek, you’ll find the UI of this program too hard to resist. No other text editor/ source code editor could show word/ line/ character count right from its home screen, but EditBone has this feature. Plus, the tools that you frequently use are shown in the displayed toolbar to make sure you’re accessing your favorite tools in a quick mode.

–       Supports Scripts from 50+ Languages and their scripts

EditBone has a large and irresistible database to impress all the programmers and web developers around the world to use their software. EditBone supports over 50 programming languages and their syntax like Java, COBOL, DSP, Foxpro, HTML, Ruby, SQL, FORTRAN, DWScript and lots of other ones as well. No other software in the current market offers this kind of versatility and amazing attention-seeking features. But, supporting this long string of scripts is somewhat pretty hefty feature for EditBone. Just select the default programming language from the drop-down menu and you’re good to go.

–       Compare Documents

Being interactive is what this program is all about. Now, you can compare two documents in a split or side-by-side screen to find out the differences between those two and make changes to either of those documents from another. This option is pretty useful when it comes to find out the differences among the edits and make changes accordingly. It’s a pretty neat feature to save a lot of time.

–       Free to Use

Enjoy the benefits of using a premium Text editor without spending a penny and it’s all possible with EditBone since it’s completely free in the market.


A great deal-breaker in this app’s comparison is Notepad++. Notepad++ is more versatile and popular program. However, it lacks features like supporting 50 programming languages. But, EditBone is gaining huge popularity for this section.


Notepad++ might be a great barrier, but EditBone has got all the features (more than Notepad++) that any programmer would find amazingly helpful.


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