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EasyPHP is a WAMP Web Server development package which is portable and can ship bundle with an Apache Web Server, MYSQL database, and the PHP scripting language. The graphical PhpMyAdmin tool for database management and Xdebug for debugging is present in this software. EasyPHP is self-configuring which can be stored and run from a USB Flash Drive entirely and works for portable web development extremely well. This software enables to serve any PHP/Mysql driven script and when it is installed, PHP 5 is loaded with many extensions like Mysql 5.5 and Apache 2 on the computer.


EasyPHP is the software which can be carried on a portable storage device and can run on it and, therefore, all the work done on this can be taken in a simple manner while travelling. This software is served with several flavours and all of them correspond to a specific edition of PHP and can be ready to be used.

EasyPHP comes as pre-configured, so there is nothing to do much except installing it and using it. There is an Apache web server known as MySQL, a debugger Xdebug and database manager PhpMyAdmin for users in EasyPHP. There is a section ‘Options’ from where all these components can be configured. EasyPHP is suited for the installation of web applications like Word Press, phpBB, Joomla and Drupal.

For easy interpretation of the pages with the PHP extension, all the files must be kept either in the ‘www’ folder or inside the alias created. EasyPHP is ready to use development environment for the PHP developers which is complete in itself. Some of the advantages of EasyPHP are that it is portable, easy to install, modules with pre-installed are available and the administration web panels. One of the drawbacks of this software is that it works only on Windows Platforms.


Other softwares which can be compared with EasyPHP are XAMPP, WampServer, HFS, AMPPS and WT-NMP. XAMPP is an easy to install Apache distribution containing MySQL, PHP and Perl. This software is easy to install and use. In WampServer, the versions of PHP or Apache can be switched easily but the features are less than XAMPP. HFS or HTTP File Server is used to receive and send files. AMMPS is an auto installer which is used to install software stack of Apache, PHP, Python, Mysql and Perl. WT-NMP is a portable Nginx Mysql Php development stack, which is used for Windows. But out of these all, EasyPHP comes out to be the best as the features of this are far better than all and is more popular among the users.


EasyPHP is a simple and straightforward development tool which can be used even by the less experienced users with minimal efforts. Also for advanced programmers, this software serves as an attractive alternative.


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