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EasyBCD is a boot loader tool which allows its users to modify boot settings and repairs them too. It also allows adding multiboot environment to run different OS on the same common computer. It supports almost all of the operating systems whether Linux or windows. There is a list of other major features too that this application comes packed with.


EasyBCD is a simple system tool for configuring two or more operating system, to run on a same common computer. This application takes over the control of built in boot loader and helps users to easily modify the stuff to have multi-boot environment on their computers. Using EasyBCD is very simple; after installation is successful it will automatically integrate itself into the system. Interface is minimal with only main controls on the main screen. As the application is opened, it will land on View setting tab where users can have a full overview of the system boot setting. These settings include timeout, boot drive, name, etc. These can be changed by going to edit boot Menu just below the view settings tab. Here you can edit the name of the windows along with timeout in seconds. To add a new entry, a menu with same label has been specified.

There are some other features of this application to, which include backup of the boot loader and boot settings. In case of corrupted boot image, it can be repaired using this application. However, be sure to always have a backup of the original settings. Using this application, a bootable media can also be created, and this is specified under BCD Deployment tab. Some other features such as iReboot, power tools, etc. can be found under useful utilities tab. iReboot is very useful tool, it allows booting into other operating system into the same computer readily.


A boot loader modifier tool is an application that provides an interface to the user to effectively apply custom boot settings onto their computers. One such app is EasyBCD. There are many other apps that are more or less similar to this application. Some of them are PLoP Boot Manager, GRUB for DOS, Bootice, etc. All of these apps were developed for the common cause, however, their added functions defines the differentiation amongst them. There are many additional features in EasyBCD such as its ability to make bootable media whereas iReboot and other apps lack this feature. Also, the main features of the app works superfluous with all the versions of windows whether XP/7/Vista.


EasyBCD is a bootloader/modifier app that allows its users to alter the default boot settings and also to add new boot entries to their system in order to run multiple operating systems on the same computer. As compared to other apps, it works superfluous without any errors. Also, the additional features make it attract more users. It is available in two variants. Free version offers a trail period, while paid version gives lifetime access.


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