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Easy Web Password lets the user to secure their website and share the contents with the known counterparts. It’s a simple HTML based program that protects your web contents.


The actual working procedure of Easy Web Password is very simple. It inaugurates simple step-by step instructions to help you lock down your files and webpages within seconds. Plus, you can also lockdown your whole website with a simple click and of course with a single password. With this software, no one will be able to see/ go through your website contents unless they know the password that you’ve provided. Easy Web Password comes with following features:-

–       Strong Encryption

Although, this software is HTML based and provides step by step algorithm, the encryption is pretty solid. It also prevents any kind of illegal or unauthorized entry to your website and your files. However, forgetting your password would be a pretty bad scenario since this app will lock you out of its system immediately if you don’t provide the correct password.

–       Easy to Use

With just a few clicks, you’d be done with the installation of this amazing software that will protect your webpages and files immediately. Plus, it works in HTML, so any HTML based website would be completely under your control without much hesitation.

–       Works with All Major Browsers

No matter if you own Chrome, Mozilla or Opera. This software has got you covered even if you use different browsers to access different webpages. The program will work with almost all major web browsers and it includes a long list.

–       Unlimited Site and File Size Support

When it comes to supporting notable size, Easy Web Password doesn’t have any limits. No matter how many pages you have on your website, this program has got you covered.


There’re not many notable software alike this. Many password lockers of webpages come in scripts. However, some similar ones like PoppyDog Password Protector, Zubrag Webpage Password Protect and both of them are online tool to protect your webpages via username or password. But, they don’t have offline support.


In comparison to other softwares, Easy Web Password is a very reliable and feature-enrich program that can do its job perfectly.


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