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Easy GIF Animator is known for creating animated banners, pictures, and has emerged as the top most application in its category. This software enables the user to produce mind boggling animation effects, and best image. It is truly a powerful software that is used for editing and creating animated GIF images.


A crucial feature of the easy GIF animator is that it is used to create animated pictures such as cartoons, banners, pictures and buttons. It also has an updated and built-in image editor which can be used to draw new pictures, and can also easily modify animation frames. The latest added feature is that it can convert video file fragments to animated GIF files, and thus, it helps in producing high-quality and optimized animated GIF files. Users can also add any visual effects or animated effects like zoom, rotate, sparkles, etc. The animation created is generally saved in the form of an AVI Video file or as SWF Flash.

Easy GIF animator software for Windows helps in the frame management by helping in adding, editing, moving, removing, and duplicating. It also manages and creates transparent areas of the image. It can also crop and resize a GIF animation with a simple click. It also saves the animation created with an extremely clear background sound. It has an intuitive layout, easy-to-use interface and handy wizards.


Easy GIF Animator software is highly popular as its features are much better when compared to the other software features. Easy GIF Animator has such features that are not even close to other animated GIF editors. When compared to other software, it is easy to import an image in the form of GIF, BMP, JPG, and PNG. It also has a few basic editing tools such as select, gradient, fill, rectangle, brush, text, round, replace, zoom, air brush, link, color and eraser.

It is best to use Easy GIF animator as it is known to have the best features and the best experience that a user can possibly get. It has been working in the market for more than 10 years whereby five major editions of the software have been released till date.


It is the most affordable animated GIF editor that is available today. The webpage can be made attractive by using animated GIF images. It is a must buy as it has a  few unique features such as creating animated text effects, using powerful tools and image editor and image effect generator. This software works best for people who are professional designers, or even an amateur or a photographer.


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