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Easy CSS Menu Free Edition is a simple software tool that allows you to create customized menus in HTML/CSS. If you are website developer and believe that creating Menu options takes away your time, this application is just for you. Easy CSS Menu is compatible with all newer versions of Windows Operating system.


Easy CSS Menu includes a graphical user interface, which is quite easy for beginners to handle. It comes as a package of pre-defined menu themes that can be customized easily to suit your preferences. The best advantage of this application is that you need not to have professional coding background to work with it. The interface includes clear information about each option and it makes your work easier on the choosing part. If you have some basic information about the overall theme of your web page, the next task is to choose a menu template of your choice and start working on it. There exist many examples of templates to choose from. You could also search for the templates based on the groups belong to, which include formats like simple, flat, rounded bar, classic and inspired. To start working on your chosen template, you just have to click it for it to open for customization.

It also includes editing options like changing the font, size location of the text. You could even alter the colors previously provided. Even though the work associated seems complex to new users, it is very easy to get acquainted with the options.


Easy CSS Menu is a unique application helping web designer to easily come up with menu templates and themes. But there also exist other few applications that meet up to the requirements of the same menu templates. Such applications include Swift Menu Builder, CSS Tab Designer and CSS Menu Builder. CSS Menu builder includes about 70 predefined templates to choose from. It provides fast access and quick solutions to all your menu problems. CSS Tab designer lets you design tabs and lists easily. Easy CSS Menu builder is quite helpful if you want to create XML/CSS tables and lists.


This application holds a favorable position in the group of designers. It accelerates your content generation and saves you a lot of time. It does not consume much space on your hard disk drive and is very easy to operate.


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