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EaseUS Partition Master Professional is a tool which could be used to organize the configuration of Hard disk volume for good performance without doing any damage to the files. It does the operation of disk management, partition recovery and Disk partition copy.


EaseUS Partition Master Professional has a tool bar and menu bar. Menu bar gives the option to access the features, which include Resize/move partition, Copy partition, Merge partition, View properties, explores partition, Defragmant, change label, etc. Tool bar lists the features, which include the most used options by the user.

The main page lists the Disks with the type of file system, capacity, used/unused portion, status and type of the file. The user need to right click the drive which needs to be resized or moved in order to resize the drive. Partition manager resizes or moves the partitions without any loss of data by upgrading the NTFS system. It collates two partitions, which are adjacent together. It converts the dynamic disk to basic space, primary partition to logical. It also removes and wipes sensitive data on disk with help of wiping disk. All these are done without doing any harm to the existing data on the hard disk. Copy wizard copies the partition at a very fast rate. It copies the entire hard disk data to another disk in case of operating system migration without reinstallation of windows. It also helps in upgrading the disk to bigger size

Another section called “Partition recovery wizard” helps to recover the deleted partitions from the space which was not allocated due to virus attacks, hardware or software failures. There are two modes in which files can be recovered. One is Automatic recovery mode and another is the manual recovery mode. Automatic recovery mode is very easy and the effort required is very less, whereas manual, recovery mode gives the user full authority of the recovery process. This supports command line usage. User can use command line and do all the operations. This tool supports defragmentation of the hard disk, helps in changing the label and repairs the RAID-5 volume and supports many languages like English, Dutch, French and Portuguese etc.


Partition Master Professional + To-do Backup Workstation, Partition Master Server, the Partition Master Technician is some of the Partition recovery tools. Partition Master Technician stands distinct because of cost effectiveness and user friendliness. Unlike other tools it supports partition, recovery of many types of file like FAT, NTFS, EXT2 and EXT3.


This application is such a tool which just not does partition, but also helps to merge, resize and copy of the partition. One of the big advantages of this tool is this tool comes in different languages which could be installed and used by different language speaking people.


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