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EarthTime is a newly introduced application for Windows OS. This new application is known to display the local time of cities in multiple countries all around the world. The app also lets the users pin their favourite cities as live tiles. It houses an in-built database of more than 3000 international cities along with an extra option of adding your own locations. The time displayed here is shown along with a Global Daylight Map and contains pointers helping to locate various geographic locations of each city. The users can even choose to use a plain text display of the desired time zones.


The users can use this application by selecting a city and see the local time, map, sunrise and sunset time, time zone information and many more.

  • The app provides options of over 700 cities for selection, to display the time.
  • The live tiles are customisable.
  • The app has an animated world map.
  • The app has an in built program that display notifications of daylight savings time changes and sunset/sunrise events.
  • The app sort clocks by its time and name.
  • The clocks can be renamed.
  • The app displays map of the selected city through Bing launch.
  • The app launches web search for selected cities.
  • It can send SMS or e-mail of your current time.
  • It allows posting status with the local time.
  • The app displays UTC time and UTC offset.
  • The app calculates time difference to local time.
  • Sunset and sunrise time can be known exactly from this app.
  • This app also provides information on daylight saving time.
  • Displays time zones along with Latitude and Longitude coordinates.
  • Supports light and dark theme.

Some recent updates make the software better even. Recent update also accommodates region specific layout through its adjustable tile layout, all new format and changed to UTC time label.


Unlike other apps, the EarthTime is very easy to use. It not only shows conversions for the current time and date but also helps to plan your programs accordingly. Similar apps do not add remote locations as some places are not included in their database but EarthTime has the provision to add locations that proves much more convenient for its usage in comparison to other similar apps.


The EarthTime app is a comprehensive app that displays local time and date of any place in the world without worrying about changing the time settings of PC. It shows a map of the earth with daylight and night shadows, sometimes displays a cloud layer with current satellite cloud data. The app is definitely a must have app for people working through communications worldwide.


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