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So you’re bored with the inanimate wallpapers that never show anything relevant when you open the Windows? With EarthDesk, it is possible. EarthDesk is amazing software that has been crafted meticulously by Xeric Design to provide a live map that updates itself continuously in accordance to the varying climatic patterns and cloud covers across the globe. EarthDesk gives a complete transformation of the Windows wallpaper, which portrays the beautiful images of earth to give a life-like feel to your computer.


EarthDesk comprises of several features, which allows it to stand as a winner when it comes in exhibiting real life wallpaper of our planet in your Windows screen. The software has been scrupulously developed, and an integrated networking of cameras and projections has been incorporated inside the software to provide crisp, stunning images of the Earth. One of the fascinating features of EarthDesk is the continuous update of the positions of the cloud covers using an advanced GPS navigating system, which enhances the colors of the software. There are 3 types of typographical maps provided namely satellite, political, geographical maps, from which the user can choose the requisite map suitable for their view. Also, the positioning of cities can be chosen from the considerable list of 10,000 cities including the International Space Station as well. In addition, clicking on any particular city gives labeled description about that place.

Another breath-taking feature is the accurate availability of the time zones, which is enabled by the variation of the coloring due to facing of Earth towards Sun at different intervals. The moonlight renders abundance service to provide realistic image with ultra crisp clarity. Thus, a vivid image of earth from space is obtained in the home screen, which gets updated at regular intervals.

Configuration can be easily done based on the user’s geographical locations in the configuration pane, which enables the user to select the required city. This feature facilitates the viewing of the natural calamities like tsunamis, earthquakes, etc in the nearby region. Thus, the boring desktop turns into a breath taking real-life wallpaper.


Several others software like Animated Galaxies, Desktop Earth, etc are available over the online websites, but none of them are able to produce software that provides a complete database of the entire earth alongside with the continuous updates of the meteorological climate patterns. Although this software shows some difficulties in working during start up of PC, nevertheless, it has been proved to produce outstanding results of procuring services to people, especially for geographers who needs to keep a constant track of the geographical changes across the entire globe.


Without any doubt, this software has been a boon for millions of people across the globe that has been always willing to watch the earth from a satellite view. With constant improvements, this software will soon reach the top-notch among the other similar software.


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