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Earth Alerts is an application designed for Windows which helps to monitor a variety of natural hazards that are occurring anywhere around the world. This application provides alert notification, imagery and reports to view the natural calamities which they are occurring in the near or far areas around the globe. Earth Alerts software makes use of many reliable online resources like U.S. Geological Survey, National Weather Service and Smithsonian Institution to provide with the occurrence of any natural hazards.


Use of Earth Alerts is an easy task for everyone. The specific natural hazards like volcanoes, earthquakes, tropical cyclones, tsunamis, wildfires severe weather, etc and the location needs to be selected first. The application then retrieves the information which is latest, from various data feeds and represents the current condition in the form of reports, maps and images. With the help of this application, it is easy to know in advance when a hurricane may be on its way or if there are chances of natural destructions in the area.

The weather of an area like the local forecasts, current conditions, National Weather Service alerts and radar/satellite imagery can be tracked with the help of weather tracking features. It is one of the applications, which is known to provide some of the most extensive weather data imagery which are not available on Internet.

This application is used to find what is going in the world as well in the close neighbourhood. Specific locations can be added and it also provides the list of warning from other areas of the world. An alert can be set which gives an idea about what is happening at that moment which is provided with the authentic links of National Hurricane Center, the Central Pacific Hurricane Center, and the Joint Typhoon Warning Center through which all the details can be acquired. There is a provision to add alerts to number of locations and then all the happenings in those areas would be notified. The alerts are provided as visual or sound alerts for the computer or the alerts can be sent directly to the mobile phones.

There are some cons related to Earth Alerts. It is designed in a way that if the zip code and city locator features don’t work, the desired location cannot be entered. There is no option for manual addition of location. It takes some time to download the data for the desired location. Whenever, computer is started, this application starts on its own, due to its default settings.


Applications similar to Earth Alerts are Weather Watcher Live, Current Weather and Free Desktop Weather. Weather Watcher Live is used to know the latest weather reports in a comprehensive manner. Current Weather is the application which can be used to get the weather information in detail for various locations worldwide. Free Weather Desktop displays the current weather conditions and the forecast. Thus, from the list of features of all other software, it is clear that no software is better than Earth Alerts. It gives the alert notifications on natural phenomenon besides weather updates.


Earth Alert is an innovative application for all the users especially for those who live in an area which is prone to natural calamities. It tracks all types of data on weather and other natural phenomena and consolidates them for the users.


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