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Writing and testing PHP scripts and HTML/XML pages can be a daunting task for the programmers. But it can now be done with a powerful and handy tool DzSoft PHP Editor. This tool is specifically designed for PHP development and has friendly interface which is comfortable for experienced as well for the beginners.


All the features are incorporated in the software are for easy accomplishment of PHP development. A well organized interface where application can run swiftly and in this most of the space is taken by the clever syntax highlighter and the text field which is equipped with a line numbering function. To identify the project elements like variables, functions and classes, a side panel is provided.

Some of the most commonly used file formats are supported by this tool. They are PHP, TXT, XML, HTML and CSS. Through this, already existing projects can be imported. To help in with the specific codes, code templates are provided as an implemented option through which code can be imported quickly and also all other supported functions are provided with similar options. To insert the code for buttons, hidden text fields, colour palette, pictures and password text book, different options are given which can be used conveniently.

The facility of bookmarks is also available in DzSoft PHP Editor for search and navigation which helps in keeping an eye on certain lines of code and thus, the user can jump to the specific location quickly. Custom text strings can also be seen easily which can be replaced if necessary.

Preview of work can be done in a separate tab and after complete satisfaction; it can be saved to the same number of formats imported with the help of export options. The work can even be saved to a FTP server or can be exported to the source code to HTML for further processing.


DzSoft PHP Editor can be compared to Codelobster PHP Edition, Komodo ActiveState IDE and PHPStorm. Codelobster PHP Edition automatically installs the debugger. Registration of this software is absolutely free but plug-in comes with paid option. Komodo ActiveState supply Ruby, Tcl Python and Perl and can be used as an international language development environment. PHPStorm is used for PHP code editing like fast terror checking, intensive code auto complete, etc. and is compatible with PHPDoc. Amongst all, DzSoft PHP Editor seems to be better which supports the Unicode (UTF-8) encoding. It is provided with some salient features which cannot be available in any other tools like quick insert features, different kinds of quick code insertion features, code and files explorer bars and many others.


Thus for creating fast and efficient PHP websites, DzSoft PHP Editor can be considered. It is reliable software that comes with an intuitive design and makes PHP editing easier. It is an easy tool to implement where the user can make proper use of its customizable code of template library, functions and various export possibilities. It can run on most versions of Window.


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