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DVD Shrink is a very versatile and useful tool, which is used for fitting a DVD Video disc on to a single DVDR disc. Presentation of the program is simple and designed for ease of use, while incorporating all of the individual tools – for instance, analysis, back up and full disc – into an easily accessed toolbar at the top of the window.


A list of all files backed up or put on the single disc is provided on the left of the window, while compression settings are on the right. DVD Shrink can re-author and re-encode the film being used; the user interface, as mentioned above, is intuitive, and as such the material to keep and material to lose is an easier choice to make. The software allows the user to set the compression level for every separate video track, to obtain the desired disc size, which is usually below 4.38GB. In addition, it is capable of producing either an ISO image of the ripped DVD, or a VIDEO_TS folder from which the user can further process, burn or view the material.

DVD Shrink has ease of use integrated into its design; contained in a single executable file one megabyte in size, it features a DeCSS decryption algorithm and a VBR encoder. DVD Shrink can automatically compress video to as much as 39% of its original size; when the “Deep Analysis” option is engaged, the DVD’s quality is vastly improved. This is a time consuming option however, because DVD Shrink then has to go through the DVD twice in its work; once for analysis, again for transcoding. DVD Shrink is able to shrink hard disk files which have already been ripped by other software; however, it is not able to burn images itself, passing this process to Nero, DVD Decrypter or other such software


In comparison to one of its rivals, Handbrake, DVD Shrink is very evenly matched. Both software programs can resize DVDs, while Handbrake’s strong point is in copying DVDs to a hard drive, whereas DVD Shrink’s speciality is in the resizing. Both offer many choices to convert an original DVD into a smaller, easily watched film on the user’s computer; the components of the film can be altered in both programs, as can the length of the film and what to include or edit out of the final file. Both tools are free of charge to all users, and I think it is fair to say that both are very good at resizing and copying DVDs; both have their focal points and strong points, at which they excel.


To conclude, I believe that DVD Shrink is one of the best software tools currently available for resizing and copying of DVDs; it holds its place on the market, and as it is free of charge, is widely available and widely used by a vast audience for an array of different functions.


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