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For someone who want to enjoy good music it always help to not only have a good music player, but also have the music that is of good quality. Most music nowadays is recorded in high definition quality so as to enable superior satisfaction when listening to it. A reliable and proven media for storing high definition and versatile audio format is the DVD. The device has got many advantages that make it the appropriate choice for audio recording. In order for a person to write good music on a DVD he or she would need to have reliable DVD writer. The DVD Audio Solo is an application that is designed to function as standard DVD writer and a DVD player that supports DVD Audio.


It has an intuitive customized skinned general user interface that supports the drag and drop functionality for audio files and pictures. It supports Audio formats such as wav, AIF, and mp3 files and still video pictures. The software has got an in built recording ability of up to and audio files of up to 192 kHz, 24 bit and 6 Channel resulting from high resolution sound card. It also has a built in CD ripping and professional quality up-sampling functionality and also enable ripping and transferring of up to 12 CDs on one DVD Audio discs. All these result in high resolution audio and still picture quality.


Like most quality audio software the program outputs high quality audio. The software enables a person to change the compressed audio files into uncompressed PCM in either stereo mode or 5.1 surround sound. The DVD- Audio Solo also has basic accessibility features to accommodate the visually impaired.


This software offers high quality surround sound DVDs using a variety of audio files. The product not only provides quality output, but is affordable and caters for the technological needs of the visually impaired.


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