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Data and Information kept in PCs is one of the most important aspects of using it and they are usually sensitive, private and of value. To protect, backup and share such data, cloud services are the best bet which provide number of utilities. Duplicati is a backup client software that can encrypt, compress and perform incremental changes on such cloud storages and remote servers.


Duplicati is a wizard driven software which prompts the user to input data and preferences at each step and finally performs the required operations. File transfer is secured by AES 256 encryption and can be signed by GNU Privacy Guard. The initial backup and sync happens for all the files selected but later changes are uploaded in incremental fashion to save bandwidth and cloud storage space. Uploading targets supported by Duplicati are FTP servers, Rackspace Cloud Files, WebDAV, SSH (SFTP), Amazon S3, Google Drive, and Microsoft One Drive. Apart from these, there is support for CloudSafe, Box.Net, DriveOnWeb, ownCloud, StratoHiDrive, TahoeLAFS and t-online Mediacenter. Custom backup rules and filters help to specify deletion rules, bandwidth limit and transfer cap along with file/directory exclusion/inclusion. Integrated scheduler can be configured to run backups automatically after set interval of time to perform required operations. The backup operations also supports backup of opened and locked files using Volume Snapshot Service in Windows and Logical Volume Management in Linux. This lets Duplicati backup Outlook PST files while Outlook is running. The software is free and open-source and LGPL licensed and requires .NET framework 2.0+ to work in Windows. The software is available in multitude of languages such as English, Spanish, French, German, Danish, Portuguese, Italian, and Chinese.


Clonezilla is an open-source software which provides similar set of functionality with disk cloning and deployment tools as well. CrashPlan is a freemium software on Windows which enables cloud backup and provides identical feature set including real-time backups. Wuala is another secured cloud storage software but supports only its own solutions without third party ones. Acronis True Image is a similar commercial software which facilitates entire PC backup including OS as well. Some other similar and open-source software include Synchron, Areca Backup, grsync and Create Synchronicity (all of which provide remote backup but lack the huge protocol support of Duplicati).


Duplicati offers excellent features considering it being free and open-sourced project. Encryption and signing with compression support is added bonus and its primary USP. The software is especially useful for those who need to juggle around different cloud services which use different set of protocols and API. This makes it useful for system admins as well. LVM and VSS support is the cherry on top which lets the software backup even opened or locked files without any trouble. Upcoming version 2 promises to improve the UI, have an installer and new storage engines.


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