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OutLook is the most common tool used by professionals to communicate. OutLook helps to link with professional circle and communicate in a professional way. Also, OutLook integrates many devices and applications effectively. OutLook offers to map your calendar as well as the tasks with it so that it reminds you of any important events. And it has very nice security features as well. But many a times, what happens is that the space to be utilized often gets over as the duplication of records occurs. Duplicate Remover tool thus, finds and notifies the duplicate files. It urges some options to the user which can be performed to reduce duplication.


Duplicate Remover for OutLook is a software which easily finds the duplicate contacts, calendars events, any important reminders and many more duplicate records which occupy the extra space. There are some comparing criteria which can be used to check if the duplicate records exist or not.

This tool also provides the users with an option to either move or copy those duplicate records to some other files or folders which can be referred to later. The duplicate records can be marked and saved in the same state till the next operation is performed. Also, this software provides the users with the option to delete these duplicate items permanently and retrieve the used space as well.

This wasted space can be utilized for some other options as well. But it is otherwise wasted until the Duplicate Remover Software finds these duplicate items and deletes them in the process. Also, the time range selection is made available for the users which in turn enables that the items be scanned on timely basis, a unique feature so to speak. Some of the searches which are made can be saved up for later comparisons. These saved searches are very efficient to find duplicate records which were previously deleted and then added back later.


Giving tough competition to this software are Email Duplicate Analyzer, and Kernel for Outlook Duplicates. Although, the later program performs well in the day to day usage, Duplicates Remover for Outlook thoroughly helps the OutLook users to mark and make space for some new information. The only thing lacking in this software is that it cannot erase the email data. Other than this, the software passes with flying colors in the competition.


This tool is extremely useful and efficient in every way so as to fulfill the OutLook users’ demands. It comes thoroughly equipped with some new technologies as well.


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