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If you are on a hunt for any tool that can assist you in finding out the duplicate files in your system, then nothing can be a better option than the Duplicate File Detective. This is efficient enough in finding your duplicate files despite the file names are not the same. The investigation process ranges from folders, storage devices, to even network shares. Apart from finding the files it moves, compresses and drag out the files properly. It applies the unique SmartMark duplicate file selection system for the purpose. The days are past when removing duplicate files used to be understood as cleaning up the disk space. However, this Duplicate File Detective is fantastic in performing backup tasks, fastens the file search, and ultimately saves your precious time.


  • Fantastic Support System – The Duplicate File Detective is going to erase from your mind about there is something called a bad software experience. It saves your time in finding the accurate duplicates pretty smartly. It is different from others as it does the task in accordance to your file content. Smooth and efficient user interface provides a great experience for the users.
  • Efficient Working Tools – For the best support to the users, it comes with smart working procedures. To save your time it has some unique search filtering options. It removes duplicate files with symbolic markings to be distinguished nicely. Various ways can be found out through single pass using the Duplicate File Detective.
  • Nice User Monitoring Features – Its unique SmartMark technology enables users in finding out duplicates for processing. The users can have the efficient visual analytical through the incorporated glance panel. Apart from this, you can have the duplicate file detail in printed form and in a viewing option.
  • Top Performer – It is distinguishable from others by providing outputs in accordance with its file type. Its fine-tuned technology shows the best result by making after search filtering. Duplicate File Detective provides the best user-interface among its contemporaries.
  • Best in Finding Music Files – This is certainly the best music duplicate file finder in present market. It works well with all kinds of music files, and formats. No matter, be it MP3, or iTunes, it is efficient at the best level for all.


There are not enough options available in market that does the same task that the Duplicate File Detective does. However, it is far more distinguishing in comparison to its contemporaries like Auslogics, Duplicate Finder and many others. Especially, its ability to show the end result in a great detail with the option of printing, having a review report, best user experience, makes it the best available option in comparison to the others.


This is certainly recommended if you are bothered about finding an option for your duplicate files.


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