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Duplicate Cleaner Free is an excellent software that finds duplicate files by its name, contents, location and the folder that the file is within. It can also delete duplicate images and compare different music patterns by tags.


It is a useful program to help the users organise their contents of the hard drive and keep the contents, files into one place. This really helps when the users are dealing with corporate networks that help to keep things arranged and well secured for later purposes. Something that is really surprising that they will find through this software that they can find enormous duplicate files that are kept redundant in a leftover folder or file. One thing that makes it really cool to deal with is that it takes very less time to find duplicate files and remove them and thus, cleaner hard drive means excellent performance. This software localises duplicate music of all patterns and an accurate duplicate comparison is done with extreme care and less timing. It has an intelligent selection assistant that guides the users to the target folder for the duplicate files and assures great performances. It can allow them to find multiple locations at one time along with exporting/importing their results and accessing them. Large and resizable windows make it really easy for the users to use which is its great benefit. Also, all the files duplicated are put into one list which makes it simple for the user to locate and keeps them in one place completely arranged.


Duplicate Cleaner Free has become one of the most popular software that is used finding duplicating files and removing them. There are tons of software like ‘Anti twin’, ‘ Duplicate code ‘, that have come up into the software market and are doing great business giving stern competition to Duplicate cleaner. But, there are various reasons that makes duplicate cleaner far better than other similar software due to its user friendly and wide features. Its comprehensive activity manual can guide even a novice to use it. Also, its ability to turning files into hard links allows the users to change the pattern of the files and use it under different platforms. A handy image previews with moving dupe files into arranged locations make it an excellent candidate for such works.


Duplicate cleaner is one of the most used software that allows the users to use the duplicate cleaner with major platforms and in a comprehensive manner. Excellent work status and a wide range of features make it an effective software guiding the users to perform the task easily with less harassment. Duplicate Cleaner Free is one of the most sorted software for duplication and cleaning.


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