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It is sometimes seen that many people use various computers, which are linked with a LAN network. In this situation to transfer files among the different computers in a very simple way, Dukto can be the best application. If it is used, there is no need to deal with various operating systems, the user accounts, and protocols and so on.


The interface of the application is indeed very simple, and it needs almost no configuration to begin working. The speed to transfer file is really appreciable as it is very high. The application has to be installed in the machines between which the file transfer has to take place. The app will automatically show all the PCs in the Local Area Network operating Dukto. By default, the folders that are received are stored in the home folder; however, it can be changed from the settings of the application. Besides transferring the files or the folders on the LAN, the program also supports the transport of text snippets, for instance a link can be sent from one PC to another in that same LAN network. After the selection of the text snippets option, the application will show another option “Send Some” text. From here, it is possible to paste the text from clipboard. Though this feature can be used directly from the main menu, it is better to follow the stated steps as it instantly sends the text to the target system with a few moments. It is worth mentioning that when a file or document or even text is sent to a connected system, then there is no need to choose that device once more to send a new file or database to the same system. The file just needs to be dragged in to the app window. In the same way, if the buddy list consists of only one entry, there is no need to show up that user for sending data.

Additionally, Dukto does not present many settings, but it is not any unusual fact since it is a simple application, which tries to remove complex arrangements and configurations. There are only a few settings for altering the directory where accepted files are stored, changing the name of the device and adjust the theme color of the application.


One of the alternatives of Dukto is Filedrop. It is a small application for sharing stuff through Wi-Fi. NitroShare is network file-sharing software that makes a file transport to another device on local network possible. It is completely hassle-free in all aspects. Infinit is also quick, well-designed and unlimited file transfer program for innovative individuals and digital artists. AirDrop is another way to deliver files wirelessly to any individual nearby. To share any file, it is to be dragged into the person’s contact picture.


Dukto is a simple file transfer tool intended for LAN use. It may be used on daily work to move files from one computer machine to another, without concerning permissions, servers, etc., and is completely available as freeware.


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