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Some people are concerned with the bandwidth limit and they need to monitor the bandwidth and use the internet properly. DU Meter is a simple network bandwidth monitor tool. This program helps the users to take a look at the bandwidth consumed by them at each and every second.


DU Meter offers a real-time bandwidth monitoring service that shows both the uploaded and downloaded bandwidth rates on the taskbar. Apart from bandwidth monitoring, this program also provides the reports on all the types of the networks used. DU Meter has a logging feature that allows the users to generate the reports based on hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly usage which includes the incoming and outgoing traffic.

This application runs as a toolbar in the taskbar, as a floating widget and as a mini widget on the top of the screen. It integrates and blends completely with the taskbar without showing any differences in the color which makes the user continue the work avoiding any distraction. On the taskbar this program provides only the upload and downloads data rates. As a floating widget, it shows a detailed datum such as upload, download, and total data usage. It also provides a real-time graphical chart that displays the usage for every second. The size of this widget can be increased or decreased as per the wish of the user. The floating widget can be moved all around the screen and positioned in a place which comforts the user.

This program is available in 6 different languages such as English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish and Russian. The user can decide which network should be modified by using the IP and network filters. The colors for the lines in the graphs can also be customized. Short period and long period alerts can be manually set in order to alert the user when a specific set of predefined rules are broken or certain milestones have been reached. The user can be alerted in different forms through a computer notification message, email, and other exclusive options that lead to blocking and terminating the internet connections and even shutting down the computer. At the time of maintenance, the historical data can be backed up into a particular folder on the computer or on an external disk and can be restored completely. The historical data can also be deleted for a particular period of time.


Some alternatives of DU Meter are BW Monitor, NetWorx Bandwidth Monitor, etc. BW Monitor integrates with the taskbar and on the title bar of the browser displaying the bandwidth usage. Besides this, the application has very limited functionality and cannot be customized to a greater extent. Network Bandwidth Monitor also has a simple and intuitive interface which is similar to DU Meter’s interface and it also comes with power packed features.


DU Meter gives user-friendly experience. It also saves the people from the ISPs without being extra charged for the unused bandwidth rates. This software is being used in many companies in order to keep track of the network usage of each and every individual.


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