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Driver Magician Lite is a simple yet efficient tool for creating backup copies of the drivers installed on a computer. The application allows users to take backup of the various drivers on their computer and highlight those drivers, which are installed by specific devices and not by Microsoft. This is useful in case the driver disks are lost.


Driver Magician Lite is an effective application for taking backups of the various drivers installed on the computer of the users. The application displays a list of all the installed drivers on the application interface and those drivers which are not from Microsoft are highlighted. These non-standard drivers which are installed by specific devices such as printers or scanners are marked by the application.

Creating backup copies of such drivers is helpful in the instances when the original driver disks are lost and users want to install these drivers again on their computers. Since, these drivers are not bundled with Windows operating system, they can only be installed from the driver disks or need to be downloaded from the Internet. Therefore, if the driver disk is lost, searching for them on the Internet and downloading them can be a difficult task. Driver Magician Lite is effective in such instances since it saves time and effort by keeping backup copies of these drivers safely. When the application is launched, it displays a list of all the available drivers and those, which are not from Microsoft are specifically marked. Information such as device ID, device file details, number of the driver files and a short description of the driver and the device are also displayed. The application is easy to install and has an intuitive interface which makes this application very easy to operate. The application supports Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


Free Driver Backup is an application similar to Driver Magician Lite. The application detects the hardware installed on a system, identifies their drivers and allows creating backup copies of these drivers. This is highly useful in case the drivers get corrupted or get infected with computer Virus. The application is light weight and can be installed quickly. The application when opened, lists the details of all the hardware and their associated drivers on the system in the application interface and the users can select the drivers for which they want to take backups.


Driver Magician Lite is a highly efficient and effective tool for creating backup copies of all the device drivers on the computer system. The application lists the details of all the devices installed on a computer system and displays their drivers. The drivers which are not from Microsoft and hence are not easily available are marked to enable users to identify them easily.


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