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There are always times when we want to back up our complete system, since we have accidently installed Windows on a single drive, and forgot to partition the disk. This means that all the programs and applications within the system are stored into the primary local drive. This in turn means that any damage or a situation of Window crash may lead to loss of all the data, leaving no scope of recovery. DriveImage XML here is a tool to overcome the situation. It efficiently allows us to back up every data as it is in the form of Image files and recover them anywhere else, including the installed programs.


DriveImage XML comes in two editions, Private and Commercial versions. Private version is for home users, and is not allowed for commercial use. The version is free of cost, but no support is provided for the same. DriveImage XML enables the users to back up a particular partition or a drive, and later restore the former on a new disk, or a new disk in the form of image files. Complete operating system, including user settings, registry files and installed applications can be retrieved for data preservation. Once a backup is created, one can browse the images of files that have been put to the backup, view them according to their usage and finally recover them to the same drive, or a new drive. For somebody who wants to ease down the pressure of regular backing up manually, they can opt the ‘Schedule Automatic Backup’ module from the software. The backup image files created are of FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS formats, and applications runs smoothly on Windows 2003 and above versions.


DriveImage XML is a great innovation in itself. The situations of backing up the whole system along with applications was uncanny earlier on, but with the mentioned software, things have come to terms. Similar actions have been performed by the likes of Acronis True Image, but since every software is packed with unique features, it is unfair to rate any of them. DriveImage XML is definitely the thing one needs in case of baking up whole partitioned disks.


DriveImage XML (Private Edition) is a freeware and thus is a complete package for anything a baking up process may need. Options to browse and select particular files to add to back up or extract particular files is an add-on. Scheduling of automatic backups reduces man workforce and eases the worry of loss of data anytime.


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