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Amazon S3 is one of the most popular cloud storage offerings for file storage and management and is widely supported by many cloud storage providers. S3 also enables IT professionals to pair it up with other Amazon offerings such as EC2, EBS, Amazon Glacier, etc. DragonDisk is an Amazon S3 client for PC and enables file management via desktop interface.


DragonDisk primarily aims at data backup, sharing and organization and is cross-platform for any cloud offering supporting the Amazon S3 API. Services which support S3 include Google Cloud Storage, Connectria, Constant Cloud Storage, Nifty Cloud Storage and Cloudn Object Storage. The interface is similar to Windows Explorer various tabs denoting directory structure, file lists, operation progress and accounts. All file operations such as move, cut, copy, paste, rename and delete are supported. Drag and Drop and Copy-Paste works between DragonDisk and Explorer windows seamlessly. Download and Upload operations are recursive in nature and iterate over all sub-directories. Multiple accounts support enables simultaneous upload to multiple cloud storage services which are done in different threads to make them asynchronous. Folder and file mirroring is supported along with Reduced Redundancy Storage (RRS) for saving file space and thus cost by reducing the levels of redundancy. Versioning support is integrated for rollback and tracking operations on projects involving multiple agents mutating files. BiTorrent, time limited and signed URLs can be generated for files or folders to share content. Upload operations are made safe with integrity check and client side encryption and compression support. The protocols supported include AES 128/192/256, Blowfish and 3DES.

Along with these, there is also integrated metadata editor for files, permission updaters, server side encryption and bulk/batch operations to multiple files and folders. DragonDisk also features command like options with “dgsync” command for syncing files to Amazon S3 services. Updates and synchronization can also be scheduled to take place automatically at the set time. The software is available on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and Server 2003/2008.


On Windows platform, Cyberduck is an open-source software that supports file syncing over FTP, WebDAV and SFTP protocols but no S3 support is provided. Jungle Disk comes closer in terms of comparison with Amazon S3 API support and Rackspace infrastructure support as well. CloudBerry Explorer for Windows is a free software that enables identical facilities. Also, there is CrossFTP, a freemium software which supports FTP, Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier and archiving in various formats.


DragonDisk is a great tool for IT professionals with Amazon S3 API compatibility which is provided by many major cloud storage providers. Client and Server side encryption support and versioning makes file management easy and safe along with space saving options such as RRS. However, the software is not ideal for consumers as consumer oriented cloud storage providers such as DropBox or Google Drive don’t support the S3 API and Google Cloud Storage has no Google Docs integration.


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