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In today’s world, increase in computer threats is rapid as dependence on computers and the internet is growing. These threats include different types of malware that can delete, corrupt or steal identity of your personal information. The need for good antivirus software is of the utmost importance yet finding a perfect antivirus program is challenging. This is because all antivirus programs claim to offer the best antivirus yet only few live up to it. Do you need a superior antivirus program that will offer you 100% security solutions for your device? Well, Dr. Web is the answer! It is an antivirus solution used for regular scanning of your computer to keep the malware programs at bay.


Its main interface consists of three scanning options, which are express, custom and complete. For you to scan the essential system locations such as the operating system or the memory, you have to use the express option. The complete option is used to scan the entire computer and the storage devices while custom scans the content of a certain connected storage device. When infected files are detected, the interface is easy to use and flexible, making it easier for you to configure the actions to be taken. Dr. Web antivirus also includes a mail scanner that scans the messages and marks the suspicious ones. The Spider Guard module is another feature that permanently monitors the computer and blocks threat processes. You also can scan inside the installers that are accessed by users and customize it to block autorun actions. It is the perfect tool for your computer protection.


Despite the existence of other antivirus company, Dr. Web is the superior antivirus program trusted for computer and internet security. This is due to its unique and powerful features. Dr. Web is the best at curing active infections by installing in an infected system without its preliminary curing. It has unique technologies that are able to block even unknown threats and full scan of archives against all levels.


Dr. Web is an efficient tool that will enable you cut on computer maintenance costs and save computer resources. Installing Dr. Web will also protect your personal information against unauthorized persons. Install this program today for excellent results.


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