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Whenever a person is surfing the internet, the computer is faced with a number of potential threats ranging from malware, viruses and adware. If any of these threats manages to attack the computer files, the effect can be adverse. This therefore calls for the need to have a reliable and useful antivirus. The Dr.WEB CureIt is one such antivirus and anti spyware that can be used to keep the computer safe from the dangers of the internet. The application is designed to clean the infected files and cure the computer.


The software is downloadable and it does not need installation. The console scanner is only inserted into the infected PC since they do not use the windows system registry. It has three modes of scanning which are the express, complete and custom modes. The Express mode scans the random access memory, windows folder, boot sectors of disks; startup objects windows system folders, documents and the temporary folders of the users. Since the file is an executable file, it only needs to be double clicked to launch it. This is a major advantage since viruses and spyware often blocks the installation of security software. The application is designed in such a way that it is not too heavy, or one that makes the PC painstakingly slow. Although the complete scanning process might take a while, a person is able to continue operating the computer while the scanning is going on.


This software does not require installation like most security software. However each time that a person starts the program, one has to deal with a number of screens and perform an express scanning of the system before getting to the main window.


This is generally a good program and I would definitely recommend it to others. It helps to identify and remove viruses from the computer and it does not require installation. Although its general user interface could use a facelift, it is quite easy to use, fast and the icing on the cake, it is free.


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