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Document Metadata Cleaner is a useful and simple software application that lets you alter metadata for Word files, PowerPoint presentations and excel sheets. You can use Metadata to remove critical information that need not be visible to all users with whom you share your files. It is a free application.


Document Metadata Cleaner scans your document, which is then uploaded to the application, and it displays all the metadata present in the document in a clear and concise manner. You can also choose entire group of files or folders to be scanned for metadata. Document Meta Cleaner is a simple application that can be used by all the users of a system, without imposing extra efforts of knowledge about metadata.

It accepts a whole lot of files with different extensions like .DOC, .PPT, .XLS. It has to be kept in mind that newer versions of Microsoft’s Office documents do not contain metadata in them, so this application is useful only if you are using older versions of the same documents. Critical information related to the documents like the title, last saved details or last edited details can be easily erased using this application. With this software, you can also add your own information in place of the existing metadata information.


Document Metadata Cleaner is a unique application that stands out from other applications of the same genre. There exist very few applications that perform the same task as Document Meta Cleaner does.

As Document Metadata Cleaner is useful only for MS Word documents, PowerPoint slides and Excel sheets, if you want to remove metadata from images and other related files, you’ll have to use ExifCleaner. It is a handy tool that lets you erase information in your HTML documents, images and other formats of files. Document Meta Cleaner, being a free application, is recommended for efficient and easy use.


Document Metadata Cleaner occupies very little space on your hard disk drive (just 1.7 MB) and offers ease of use. It does not consume negligible amount of your RAM and hence, processes very fast. Even amateur users will find it easy to use. But its format friendliness is limited to only a certain type of files, like MS Office docs, etc.



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