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People, now-a-days use their Internet connection not only at home or office, but they use many different networks all through the day. For those users, there is DNS Crypt protocol, which utilizes high speed and safety elliptic-curve cryptography. It is very parallel to DNSCurve, but it aims to secure communications of a client with the first-level resolver.


DNS Crypt is a very lightweight application whose goal is to help in protecting the online privacy and safety by encrypting all of the DNS traffic between OpenDNS and the user. The OpenDNS service has, in fact, got its status in the marketplace as one of the major software in providing safety against phishing attacks, or malware, on computers or even tabs. This simple tool works quietly within the system tray by not affecting one’s work. When it is used, it reveals just some configuration settings to cooperate with. DNS Crypt can offer the possibility to turn on or turn off its functions, activate or deactivate OpenDNS, and allow the particular function- DNS Crypt over TCP/443 if there is a firewall or some other third-party tools, which handle the packets. The installation of DNS Crypt on any Windows PC, though seems a little technical, it is really simple.

Before the installation of the DNS Crypt, server key fingerprint of DNS should be tested. DNS Crypt app is comparable to VPN services, which can be toggled on and off if there is a requirement of any extra security. When the app is installed, a box will appear where the words- Enable DNS Crypt is written. After doing this, the system will be configured to use the OpenDNS for all the requests of DNS. If the OpenDNS is used on the router, and all of the computers in any house are pointed to the router for DNS, then also the DNS Crypt can be used.


DNS Crypt Windows Service Manager is a little program that will help to set up DNS Crypt as a type of service, arrange it and adjust the settings of network adapter DNS to utilize DNS Crypt. DNScapy is another DNS tunneling device. The code is extremely light and is written in Python. It comprises a server in addition to a client. This server can manage more than one client. It makes a SSH tunnel with DNS packets.


DNS Crypt is easy software, which everyone can use to increase online privacy and protection. DNS Crypt turns usual DNS traffic to the encrypted DNS traffic, which is protected from spying and spoofing. It does not need any alterations to domain names. The software has the possibility to be the most effective development in Internet protection since SSL, considerably improving the online security of every user.


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