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Now-a-days, internet is full with websites that have contents unsuitable especially for children. To protect them from such things, one of the simple ways is to keep them away from these by filtering out unwanted contents automatically by just changing the DNS setting. DNS Angel is one such software that enables to block web content automatically. There is no need to configure or installing it on the system but only desired DNS server is to be enabled. This application works by switching the DNS servers to family safe DNS services which then filters the unsafe and undesirable contents automatically. The DNS services available are OpenDNS, Norton ConnectSafe and MetaCert.


DNS Angel is a free portable tool which can be used to change the DNS server with just a click. The inappropriate websites such as porn, phishing, known malware sources and others are filtered and blocked by this tool automatically and there is no need to install any additional software.

The interface of the software is simple which helps to lists the servers and then allows either restoring the configuration of the computer or reverting the settings to the first DNS. When the DNS is changed, connection is made automatically and the status is informed. When green light is seen it means that the connection to the server is operating without a glitch.

DNS servers which are readily available in the market are MetaCert, OpenDNS and Norton ConnectSafe. All servers help in filtering the adult contents from the web but the difference lies in the accuracy and the number of pages they filter. Running the computer on DNS server helps to protect from adult content as well as protect against the pages that serve malware.

There are some advantages and disadvantages of DNS Angel. Some of the pros associated with this are it is easy and portable. There is no need to run it in the background as it needs to be used just once. DNS can be switched back to the default with just a button. All the adult contents as well as the malicious sites are blocked by DNS Angel. However, there are some cons of DNS Angel also. If there is any kind of switch to different WiFi or internet connection, DNS switches to default. Sometimes, some of the sites are blocked which are not required along with the desired ones.


DNS Angel can be compared with some other software like HomeGuard Activity Monitor, Traffic Inspector and Puresight. HomeGuard Activity Monitor is monitoring programs that protect children of all ages. It is very powerful and gives powerful parental control. Traffic Inspector is used for controlling access to the internet and provides data transmission services. It contains a proxy server that blocks unwanted connections. Puresight is software that makes the parents breathe easily when the children are surfing the internet. But on comparison, DNS Angel comes out to be best of all.


A solution to gather multiple options for running a connection which is safe is the DNS Angel. It gives the feedback about the status of the connection and does not need any kind of configuration. It is easy for the beginners to use on their desktops.


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