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With the increase of computer related threats a lot antivirus software have been produced. Some might be able to protect the computer fully while others might fail. Diyusof Antivirus is one of these antivirus software that provides real time protection to the computer.


It has four scan methods that include; full scan, quick scan, custom scan and process scan. Once the full scan feature is activated the software will scan the whole computer system for any malware or viruses. If the quick scan module is clicked the user selects the computer volume that he or she wants Diyusof Antivirus to check for any compromised files. Custom scan is where the user specifies the specific directory that he would want to scan for any threats. Process scan on the other hand scans any of the running processes for any possible threats. It is also incorporated with a process manager that allows the user to pause or stop certain computer processes. It also has a lock feature that can be used to lock a specific drive and prevent any other person from accessing it or modify its contents. The new version has a simple interface making it user friendly. This new version has also a reduced false detection rate when scanning.


The main feature that distinguishes Diyusof Antivirus from all other software in the same field is the lock feature. It is rare to find an antivirus which actually has a lock feature that protects the computer files even more. Apart from that process manager is also a rare feature for such programs. Finally the process scan feature that it has makes this software standout as unique. Most other antivirus software mainly have only three scanning features.


Although Diyusof Antivirus is a free ware it incorporates quality features that ensure that the system is fully protected at all times. When looking for a free antivirus this is the software to choose.


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