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DivX Plus is a free application for Windows computers. As a matter of fact, it is an entire suite of software. It includes an independent desktop media player, a plug-in for web browsers, a video converter and the DivX Codec. The entire suite covers the basic needs of playing, converting and streaming videos. It should be noted that DivX Plus HD was immediately regarded as one of the most popular standards for video files when high-definition videos first appeared on the Web.


As a media player, the program is quite easy to use and it has an attractive interface, although it may seem a bit cluttered at first. Unlike similar media players, DivX has a collapsible column to the right, where a variety of options are listed. Thus, the user is reminded that he/she can do more than just watch a movie or a video. For instance, one of the options on the collapsible column allows for the video to be transferred to a mobile device, such as a smart phone or a tablet. While playing a video, the user has access to audio enhancers, which are meant for adjusting speech and music settings. The video converter is also quite easy to use. Upon opening the application, the user is prompted with concise instructions to just drag and drop a video file. Important information, such as output format settings and video quality options are displayed on the sides of the application’s main window. This makes DivX Plus quite user-friendly – an attribute that most media players and video encoders lack nowadays.

The video converter opens separately from the media player. The conversion process is faster than with most freeware video encoders and almost any video file can be converted into different output formats. Users who are not familiar with video file extensions might find this a bit confusing, as the application does not provide any explanations in regard to the available output formats. In addition to that, DivX Plus offers a wireless streaming feature that addresses DLNA-compatible devices. This means that the application can communicate with a smart TV or a game console. However, it appears that streaming videos to a smart TV is not as simple as it should be. The fact that the application does not offer additional documentation in regard to this task can lead to a frustrating experience. There is virtually no notification on behalf of the software that the video files are actually transferred to the TV.


The main competitor of DivX Plus is VLC media player – another very popular, free video application for Windows users. Although VLC has a simpler design and provides a more user-friendly experience than DivX, it does not offer the same amount of features. VLC is easy to install and uses minimum computer resources; it supports a wide variety of video formats and this is the reason why it competes with DivX. On the other hand, it does not offer any video conversion options.


To summarize, DivX Plus is a freeware application for Windows that allows the user to create, play and stream high-quality videos. It also offers a video encoding and converting feature, which opens separately from the media player. The converter delivers MP4, MKV, DivX and AVI videos, which can be transferred to any DivX certified tablet, smart phone and/or TV, thus offering a unique video experience each and every single time.


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