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DivFix++ is an application for repairing the broken video files and preview partially downloaded files. The application fixes errors by rebuilding the index part of the AVI files and repairs the broken AVI videos.


DivFix++ is a high utility application that fixes errors with the broken AVI video files. The application repairs the index of the files and rectifies the errors. The software checks the errors with the index of the files and fixes them to make the files workable. The application uses an intuitive interface and is highly effective to both beginners and advanced users. The program’s main window includes all the features. This allows users to add files to the source list and repair these file. The buttons are at the bottom of the window.

DivFix++ enables users to strip the index and check the error logs. It has a log panel that lets the users know if there are any errors with the video files. The program allows viewing clips from the files that do not have the index. It fixes the problems associated with such files and cuts out the bad parts. The program recovers the content from key frames. This application also allows viewing the clips from partially downloaded files or files that are currently downloading. This allows the users to view the videos even while these are being downloaded.

The program uses low amount of system resources and does not affect the performance of the system. The application supports Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP.


DivXRepair is an application similar to DivFix++. The application cuts off the bad parts of the AVI files and reassembles the AVI file. The program uses a simple interface that allows users to add AVI files to the list and fix the files. The software generates a complete report once the operation is complete. DivXRepair deletes the bad frames and conjoin the key frames to create new workable AVI video files.


DivFix++ is an easy to use and highly effective application that enables users to repair their AVI files by rectifying the index of the files or repairing the errors. The application deletes non-functioning frames and creates AVI video files by joining the functional parts. It also allows preview of files with no index or files that are either partially downloaded or are downloading. The application is highly reliable and does not hamper the performance of the system as it uses low system resources.


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