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Ditto is an open source freeware which is primarily known as a Windows clipboard extension. Ditto helps the user to save their data including images, text, etc. to the clipboard, and provides a simple access to all those items whenever needed in the future. Users prefer this software as it also allows them to save HTML and custom formats too.


The basic features of Ditto include an easy, simple and user-friendly interface. For improving user experience, search and pasting previous entries shortcut keys are available. All the items placed in the clipboard can be accessed from the tray icon, or a globally accessible hot key. Moreover, the data security is ensured by encrypting the data efficiently before sending it over the network. Many of clipboard utilities miss the property of the ability to select an item via double click, which is fulfilled here, along with facility to drag and drop and option to select with enter key. Other add-ons which may be fascinating to some of the audiences include ability of the software to paste the content into any window which accepts paste options, and also displays the thumbnails of those copied items. Going deep into the technical aspects of Ditto, it fully supports the Unicode and the UTF-8 for language files.


This is where Ditto leads from most the clipboard managers. Some of the major differences that take Ditto to a greater level are many. The most noticeable property of it is that it can synchronize every clipboard present of the computer and put them together. Clipboard magic misses out ability to select the present items via enter key or by double click, but Ditto leaves no stone unturned in taking a lead there too. Most of the clipboard extending utilities don’t provide an option to deal with images; here with ditto, though in limited space, one can manipulate a few images too.


Ditto is not one of the most popular software in the field of clipboard extensions, but the advantages of this freeware are not a hindrance to opting it. Every software have their own advantages and disadvantages, it solely depends on the requirements of the user. Ditto can be considered when there is a lot of work load, and speed is a matter of concern along with quality of the work. Ability to deal with images, HTML and custom formats separates it from the normal class utilities.


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